What We Do

Its simple.. You are your own; Woman, Boss, Business Owner etc. but you are not alone...

So we want you to grow and excel as a business woman so that you can in turn inspire and encourage other women. In order for us to do that we have created a concept where the power of supporting and sharing is at the heart with the 3 E's.

1.) Embolden - Through our embolden events you will gain the courage to start, take the next step and be bolder. Courage can be needed when just starting up, or when you are taking a big step or risk with your business.

2.) Once you have the courage we lead you to Enlighten. Enlighten is the workshops, where we give you the tools and knowledge to light up your path to success, to enable you to take the big steps and the right steps, to grow or simply to manage your everyday business.

3.) Enourage - The last but not the least part of the concept is the network. The network of female entrepreneurs is what seals the deal. Its what makes it a complete circle, without that you can be doing well, running your business but run the risk of staying stagnant or growing slowly. We don't want that. We want you to grow and know that there is great value in relationships, a strong support network and good contacts. All of which you get through SheSupp. 

SO basically our concept is to help you be your own without tying you down to long programs but allowing you to run your business with the support network you need. So basically you will be running your own business but with several friendly advisers and encouragers around you. 


You can say that we believe it takes a whole village to run a successful business. Let SheSupp be your village <3

Key Activities
  • Inspirational events

  • Workshops and training

  • Networking events

  • Social events

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