3 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Are you lying on a beach or hiking in the mountains during the holidays, either way you should take some time to develop yourself with these must-reads. Take a few minutes of your day for yourself and learn from these world changing leaders through their books.

1) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – by Stephen R. Covey

This books is a must-read, having sold a million copies a year since its release in 1989, and translated into over 30 languages many may vouch that it is a great book for current and aspiring business leaders across the globe.

The book is based on Covey’s belief that “outward success was not success at all if it was not the manifestation of inner mastery. In his terminology, ‘private victory’ must precede ‘public victory.’ It is a business plan for personal life.” – citywire.co.uk

Read it and learn how to prioritise, plan before acting and really dwell into your why’s in order to get a balanced life and the  drive to lead your business.         

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2) Lean In – by Sheryl Sandberg

“The book will open your eyes to how women experience elements of working life differently from men and how to adapt or shift your awareness to compensate” -Inc.com

Sheryl herself is an inspiring woman running Facebook as the COO and having founded the LeanIn organisation helping several women globally to Lean in at work and in life!

Read this book and be inspired by one of the greatest leaders in the world and learn how she tackled everyday issues and what led her to now lead one the worlds greatest company's!

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3) Outliers: The Story of Success – by Malcolm Gladwell

This is another must read for everyone! The book takes us on an intellectual journey showing us the lives of “outliers” which is some of the best, the most famous and the most successful people in the world.  www.goodreads.com

The interesting part is that Gladwell includes successful people from all walks of life – including software billionaires, lawyers, and football players.  In every chapter he answers the question what makes high-achievers different?

Read this book and get hints on how to change your lifestyle to become a high-achiever in your field. It is available to buy on Adlibris for 69kr or Amazon

Do you know any great entrepreneurship/career books that should be on this list? Please tell us in the comment box below.

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