3 ways to generate a business idea

Updated: Dec 19, 2017

Ever thought of wanting to start your own business but you just never really knew what to do?

Well maybe not all of you have been there... Some people are simply blessed to have a creative mind and thinking of ideas here and there on the other hand we have the ones that are so analytical they can spot a potential business idea in any day to day problem. And we have the people that are just passionate. Yes, passionate about something in the way that if you happen to ask them about this topic even if its by accident you will get an entire lecture on it, or they will simply find any loophole in a conversation to tell you about this passion of theirs. These are all incredible types of people who could easily succeed in business if they set their minds to it. However, there are those people that may not be all so creative, or analytical or even have a passion that they feel they can make a business out of. Can they still be entrepreneurs? Yes, Yes and YES of course!

Despite that many entrepreneur success stories show people that have invented something etc. you can still think of an idea to run a business even if you do not have a ground breaking idea or everything quite figured out yet. Here are 3 simple tips you can apply.

1. Whats missing? Think of things that are missing in your daily life, your surrounding, your area. For instance, when I first moved back to Sweden from England I noticed a lot of things I had in England that did not exist here, so what I could have done was to start importing these products. Or take the make-up industry for instance. There are some global brands that maybe aren’t sold in your country but you have seen bloggers wearing it, well who says it cannot be sold where you are? This is a business opportunity worthy of being explored.

2. Passion <3 I know I may have indicated that passion is for passionate people. But perhaps you don’t think you have a passion, but what if you do? and you just don’t know about it yet? Or maybe the word passion is over used, so we will refer to Love.

Well in that case you can start a business doing what you LOVE doing, if its cooking; start a restaurant, working out; start a fitness center or if its helping others, start an organisation that helps the people in your target audience and meets their needs. I mean at the end of the day you may be stuck with this business for a while, you might as well do what you love right?!

3. Ask and you shall find... Now, a lot of people do not like asking. But if you ask and there is a chance that you receive what you want, why wouldn't you ask? As we mentioned earlier it is not that every entrepreneur necessarily comes up with their own ideas. If you can’t think of anything ask friends, family, colleagues, bosses or the stranger on the bus what they are missing or what they wish existed. For instance, lets say your friend is getting married and you notice that during the planning she is missing a lot of things and/or ordering a lot from abroad. Then you may ask what she would have wished was easier to access or what could have made her planning process easier and see if there is a business idea that can spring from that. I mean after all a lot of people get married every year so if she is facing that problem you can almost guarantee that someone else is too, and that my friend is a gap in the market! 

Alternatively, there are pages such as www.ideaswatch.com where you can browse loads of good business ideas.

How did you find your idea? or do you have any other tips?

Stay Bossy!



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