Do I have to quit my job?

The answer is no. Actually to most common way to start a business is to start something beside your full time job. Beacause the truth is that running a business that will be a sucess at once are very rare. It's more a rule than exception that if you think it will take one year add at least two years to it beacuse it will take more time than you can ever imagine.

I started my company in 2009. That's nine years ago this year. Crazy! But have I been motivated all the time? No, not at all. There have been years that literally have been doing nothing since I thougt that this will never work and I have just been tired of it. But that's okey, ofcourse I want my business to be bigger someday and my dream is to be my own boss and run my own company, but it's gonna take take time and that's fine. Far from all of us that runs a company today has the ambition to be a new Daniel Wellington or Spotify, maybe we just want to do something that we really like besides our daily job.

"The thing is, you don't have to choose. In the beginning it's all about finding out if this is something that you would like to do."

It takes alot to quit your full time job, I mean we all have bills to pay. But just send the papers in and start it up. Then if it takes one or two months to actually just do something after it doesen't matter, but it will be alot easier the day when you realize that you really would like to start beacouse I think the biggest obstacle in many cases is just get the papers in. I wild guess is that when we are

thinking about forfulling a dream or do something we are passionte about that's not includning fill in the papers for the authorites. I'm I right? And it's just sad if it would be that thing that comes betweeen you and your dream. And what do you have to loose? the worst thing that can happen is that you have to liqidate the company if it does not work or if you realize that running a company is not for you.

I think that what we are most afraid of in many cases is what others will think about you if you don't succeed. And that's really somehting that's not worth considering. What if your ideá or business would be a succees or just something that makes you feel truly happy? Again, just do it and let it see where it takes you.


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