How I started my own business

A lot can happen in 1 year…

I remember sitting with my friends discussing our goals and one of the things I wanted was to really set up my own business. The encouragement and the support I got is what led me to really start SheSupp. To be honest, had they not pushed me I probably would have waited another year or so just planning.

So 1 year ago I had my first physical event having run a Facebook group of women interested in business I asked if any of them wanted to meet in person. They said yes, so me being the organiser and planner that I am I took on the task to organise my first ever inspirational evening aiming to inspire and empower women to start their own businesses. And it worked, 30 women showed up and I was ecstatic.

Picture from Jean R.O.S.E Instagram

A year on and we had our biggest event to date in Stockholm with 90+ women attending and over 300 women in our community! So, when I read articles and statistics about the ratio of female business owners to their male counterparts I get confused because here we are a room full of women with businesses or ideas waiting to be fulfilled and to grow. So surely this could be a positive indication!

Somehow, I get it when people tell me they are reluctant to start their own business, after all it’s not easy running your own business. I mean in the beginning you pretty much have to do a little bit of everything and it takes a lot of energy, patience and determination to build something great.

It takes a lot of energy, patience and determination to build something great.

On the other hand, I personally think it’s worth it right now. I love the fact that I now can build my own business on my own terms and really see it grow. It started as events aimed to empower and inspire women and now I am seeing big things happen and also the effect it has had on people. Also, technically I can be and work from anywhere I want.

This is just the beginning though, starting 1 Jan 2018 I will be embarking on this journey of running my business fulltime and I hope you will join me through this blog!

Can you imagine though, in the beginning of 2017 I was praying and hoping it would happen, but now that it's finally here and I cannot believe it! Somehow, I am more lost and scared than anything else. But at the same time, it’s exciting and I am hopeful for what the future holds!

Lots of love

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