How to use Facebook for Business Marketing without spending any money

Facebook is the mother of all social media platforms, and although there are many new social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat it still remains the largest platform yet with approx. 1,71 bn user as of 2016 (Source: Brandwatchsocial). If your audience is between the ages of 25-54 years old Facebook can be a golden ticket as that is the largest user group.

However, there are cons with such a huge platforms as well. Your content can easily be buried in the massive amounts of posts being shared throughout the day. For instance, a person within your target audience if we make a guesstimate, they may have an average of 500 FB friends and if 300 of those people post 1 thing every day that is 300 posts for them to go through plus they may be in 10 groups with posts in their flow as well as following 30 companies of their interest so you can imagine it all adds up!

The key then is being specific and ensuring you put your efforts where it’s needed. I recently listened to a Tony Robbins podcast with Renee Mauborgne where they talk about how social media can help small businesses stand apart using the Blue Ocean Strategy and recommended especially small business owners to focus on some strategies that work for them and focusing on being really good at it.

Here are 3 things you can do to mazimise Facebook and reach your target audience and more people.

  1. Find and join groups on Facebook with the people in your target group. It gives access to so many new people that you may not reach in real life through traditional marketing and it is also a free way of marketing your business in a friendly/non-aggressive manner. For instance in the Swedish girl power group Heja livet!. We have seen companies, startups and individuals meeting, connecting and sharing jobs, events and experiences with one another and it is absolutely wonderful to see!

  2. Collaborate! – The problem with Facebook being soo large means you are a small fish I a large ocean. Few people may notice you unless they come looking for you specifically. But you can extend your reach by connecting and collaborating with other companies or individuals. It is a win-win situation. Think about it you share each others posts and most likely you have a different network, meaning you reach different people. AND its free once again, only thing is you have to do is to convince them to do it together, and finding the right and suitable partner. Start looking!

  3. Tag influencers in your posts. Find out who the people or companies are that influence your industry and start connecting with them. Facebook is not dead when it comes to connecting, groups are a great way to do so. You can also like, comment and share their posts and they may reciprocate it and if not at least open up their eyes for you and your business.

Try this for a month and let us know what the outcome is for you and why not connect with us on Facebook.

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