Invest in yourself and enjoy a years worth of inspirational events, skills development workshops and fun networking events as well as a supportive network of powerful women and friends. The members also get exclusive discounts on occasional offers on our other services.

We are here to help you become the best entrepreneur there is and help you fulfill your dreams.​


Now, if that is not a good enough reason, then we will give you a few things that you will gain from being a SheSupp member... Look below!

1. Support group (SheCircle)

2. Fun as well as serious events throughout the year

2. Skills development through workshops etc.

3. Discounted/Free access to SheSupp events

4. Exclusive content that will inspire and help you build your business


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SheSupp Diamond Membership (1 year)

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The Diamond membership gives you FREE access to some SheSupp events, and discounted access to all events. Discounts on coaching and Business Support Services as well as access to exclusive events, content and networking opportunities. You will be placed in a smaller Supp Circle that meet regualrly and use peer to peer mentoring, feedback and have personal as well as business development acitvities.

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